Sunday, September 19, 2010

WCF Features (WCF Part 3)


WCF has many features like :

  1. WCF provides one model for writing distributed applications not as many models like before (COM+, MSMQ, etc)
  2. WCF Reduced the code
  3. WCF provides a comprehensive set of logging and tracing features

WCF Message Exchange Patterns:

WCF supports three message exchange patterns:

  1. In one-way messaging, also known as simplex messaging: a client sends a message to a service without expecting a response.

  2. In request-response messaging: a client sends a message to a service, and waits for a reply.

  3. In duplex messaging, the client and service communicate freely with each other without the synchronization that request- response messaging requires. Duplex messaging is used to implement asynchronous communication.

  For More Info Please Visit: WCF Resources Page  

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