Sunday, September 20, 2009

Imagine Cup, Get connected

What is The Imagine Cup?
It is an International Competition organized by Microsoft that let everyone - software programmers, hardware developers, artists and dreamers - to imagine a better world, then make it happen. The Imagine Cup brings together more than 200,000 students from over 100 countries around the world where they compete to help find the answers. And no matter who comes up with the best solutions - everybody wins!

Each year the Finals are held in a different city of the world. Past Worldwide Finals include Cairo, Egypt (2009);Paris, France (2008); Seoul, South Korea (2007); Delhi, India (2006); Yokohama, Japan (2005); Sao Paulo, Brazil (2004); and Barcelona, Spain (2003).
The next Imagine Cup2010 will be held in Poland.
The world can't wait! Register now!

Competition Categories for the next Imagine Cup Poland 2010:

Software Design
Software Design
This is the only Imagine Cup competition that is run locally each year in countries/regions all around the globe. The mission is simple: create real world software and service applications that use Microsoft tools and technology. Think big! The competition requires students to use their creativity and drive to make it to the Worldwide Finals stage. This is where legends are born and lives are changed - where an application starts as an idea and ends up creating change all over the world.
Visit the Software Design competition page to learn more!

Game Development
Game Design
Build a full game experience from scratch! Create a game that uses Microsoft's XNA Game Studio 3.0, Visual Studio and/or Silverlight. Calling all students who've always enjoyed playing games ... this is your chance to create your very own game and at the same time change the global community. The Game Design competition is a great opportunity for learning and advancement towards an important step in a budding career either as a game developer or as an entrepreneur in the game business. The world cannot wait to play YOUR game!
Visit the Game Design competition page to learn more!

Short Film
Digital Media
The popularity of homemade videos created via editing pictures, text, music, voice, and video footage has exploded with the easy-to-use processes available to post them on websites around the world. The Digital Media competition challenges students around the world to use their creativity to create web videos by combining user-generated content in order to address the Imagine Cup theme. Submissions will use the internet to communicate, explain, and touch on issues in our global society. Your team will need to convey its message in a brief period of time while also being visually and audibly stimulating.
Visit the Digital Media competition page to learn more!

Coming Soon - Award Opportunities!
Including Embedded, IT Challenge and more...

No matter which team comes up with the best solutions � the world wins.

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