Friday, September 28, 2012

What is Enterprise Search?



-Enterprise Search refers to “Search behind the corporate Firewall” or

It is the Search technology that the organization owns and controls

-Many applications could include search on a company’s website home page and tech support area, or e-commerce shopping sites.

-So Enterprise search engines could be defined as all search engines except the public ones like Yahoo, Google and MSN (BING).

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How do Enterprise Search Engines differ from Web Search Engines?


Many of us think that the Search Engines are all the same, but we have to know that Search Engines have different types that are totally Different and that there are many differences between for example the Enterprise Search Engines and the Normal Public Web Search Engines like Google and Bing such as:


1. The Enterprises world isn’t just a small Internet: 

–Many Enterprise Search Offering began life as a search engines to power generic Internet Portal Searching, Thus we should assume that if you could handle the internet, then of course you could handle a relatively puny private Enterprise NetworkIn Fact, It’s not true and this assumption is usually false, Thus.. Any Enterprise Search Engine should be customized and adjusted to work well in the non-Internet like networks.


2. Technical Differences in Search Requirements and Technologies:

-Aside from the difference in the architecture and data volume between Internet Search and Enterprise Search, There are also differences in how the infrastructure is used and functional requirements such as:

  • There is Usually a right document in the Enterprise Search (Whereas Google for example finds tens of thousands of pages relevant to almost any search you could imagine)
  • Security is Critical: On the Internet, content is public for anyone or everyone who may find it, but companies have many specific security requirements from “Company Confidential” to “Limited Distribution”, there may be sometimes some legal implications if a document is released to the public before a specific time.

3-Taxonomies and Vocabulary are critical: Companies always have a specific vocabulary such as: product names, projects, procedures and policies, Thus.. Taking advantages of these terms unique to the company is critical to making retrieval work better.


4-Dates are important:

-Internet search is generally unaware of document dates because content on the internet always lock this info.

e.g. if the corporate search for “Annual Reports” doesn’t return the Most recent document, The Employees will be unhappy for sure.


5-Corporate Data has Structure:

In a corporate database and even in web contents, companies have a specific structure that make some results authorized or accessed for some employees and not permitted for some others.

Thus, Enterprise Search Engines have to be able to apply the company’s rules and hierarchy on the outputs returned to the employees.



There are dozens of things that make Enterprise Search Engines suprizingly difficult and that sometimes exceed the strength and size of the Public Engines created to empower the web such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.


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