Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Visual Studio Team System

What is Microsoft Visual Studio Team System?

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 is a platform for productive, integrated, and extensible software development life-cycle tools that helps software teams by improving communication and collaboration throughout the software development process.

Visual Studio Team System Editions:

Team Foundation

Provides links to topics discussing an extensible team collaboration server that provides work item tracking, source control, reporting, and process guidance.

Architecture Edition

Provides links to topics discussing a set of integrated application design tools for service-oriented development.

Development Edition

Provides links to topics discussing code quality and performance tools that enable teams to build reliable, mission-critical services and applications.

Test Edition

Provides links to topics discussing advanced load testing tools that enable teams to verify the performance of applications before deployment.

Database Edition

Provides links to topics discussing tools that enable teams to efficiently develop database applications, including working in isolated development environments, managing schema updates, and sharing changes through source control.

Does this include Visual Studio 2008?

Any of the Visual Studio Team System editions builds upon the feature set in Visual Studio 2008 Professional. Any of the features that are included in VS 2008 Pro are something you also get in any of the VS Team System editions.

For a feature comparison of the VS Team System editions you can check out this page:

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Help Aged

What is Help'Aged?

Help'Aged is a platform aiming at helping elderly people. On the client side, an easy-to-use-and highly-customizable interface provides a social networking function, helping elderly people stay in touch with their family. There are also educational tools designed to simulate memory and cognitive functions and health care tools that helps them deal with chronic diseases. On the other side, they provided a SDK that allows anyone to develop their own application which can then be published on the HAAS (Help'Aged Application Store). Others can then buy and use this application.

Some Technology / Software Used:

  • Microsoft.Net
  • WPF
  • WCF
  • Windows Azure
  • .Net Services
  • Windows Azure Storage
  • Health Vault

And more awesome technologies…

Team members from france:

Gauthier Chanliau

Regis Hanol

Theo Le Du

Sebastien Warin


Laure Poret

For more information please Visit:

Help'Aged Page on the Imagine cup website

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